Canoe Sprint Competitor Mr Komatsu Seiji

Athlete Support Project#1

Canoe Sprint Competitor Mr Komatsu Seiji


In light of the challenges that the sports industry is facing during this coronavirus pandemic, we, TOKYO R&D Composite Industry Co., Ltd.

(Headquarter: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Kiyoto Takeda,,

the major contributor to the top-notch motorsports industry have launched an athlete support project to brighten up the scene.

We are proud to announce that the beneficiary of project#1 is Mr Seiji Komatsu(image on the right) who is aiming to become a member of the Japanese national team in the canoe sprint competition for Tokyo, 2020 Olympic.

The canoe became an official sport since the Berlin Olympics in Germany, 1936. And with Takuya Haneda(canoe slalom) becoming the first Japanese medal holder in Rio de Janeiro, the canoe competition is drawing a lot of attention in the Tokyo Olympics as well.

Mr Seiji Komatsu is hustling to become the first Japanese to win a medal in canoe sprint.

Through the development of a CFRP paddle for his professional use, we aim to showcase the Japanese art of manufacturing and the benefit of using gears that fit the Japanese physique.

Currently, the cutting-edge sporting items used by the world's top athletes are mostly Western-based. So are paddles for canoes. They have been developed with data taken from Western athletes for their optimal performance. Sadly, it is often the case that Japanese athletes use these gears even if they are not the right fit since there are very few choices on the market.

We acknowledge the need to change the situation for our athletes.

So we set out to develop an original paddle that will support Mr Kamatsu in fulfilling his potentials.


We took data from Mr Komatsu's paddle, then made a 3D model and modified the data on the contour, quantified the shaft rigidity(amount of deflection) to establish the plate thickness and lamination specifications that maintains the rigidity of the existing product. This is so that we could work out a way to reduce the diameter of the shaft which was his number one request.

The technologies we have developed over the years of working in the motorsports industry where they compete for 1/1000 of the second have been applied throughout this project, such as using core material for thinning and weight reduction and implementing non-slip grips.

This process of analysing and determining the specifications are carried out by the skilful production leader and the design team. Once the specification is established, the baton is passed to the manufacturing site and then the processing team makes the mould, the moulding team cuts out the material and forms the product, the finish team gives the final touch, and when the final inspection is cleared it is finally delivered to the athlete.

For now, we aim to have the product ready for Mr Komatsu's use for the Tokyo Olympic Asia final elimination round scheduled in May. Once it's in his hands, it's going to be field-tested and improved upon his feedback until it becomes the first Japan-made canoe sprint competition paddle which is completely reliable so he could continuously exert his full power.

We are working hard as a team to welcome the day with you when Mr Komatsu competes in the much anticipated Tokyo Olympics with this paddle. Thank you.

Mr Kamatsu using the prototype


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