A T-Rex with environmental consideration emerges to entertain homebound children

In our long history of making CFRP products, we always had a challenge in disposing of the edge material in an environmentally friendly way.

Unfortunately, in our industry globally has yet to come up with a recycling technology. However, we are doing the best we could to reduce waste and make the most out of the material by implementing the latest cutting plotter.

During the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, our innovative employees came up with an idea to use the leftover material. We gathered, moulded, cured the edge material and then machine-processed the product to give birth to a dinosaur model assembly kit. It's made of 100% recycled material!

The kit was handed out to employees with children who were homebound by the pandemic and received a rave review, so killed two birds with one stone!

Dinosaur 2pic-thumb-800xauto-237.png

It's professionally made by our processing team and is, of course, burr free so even small children can assemble easily. The design also is of professional quality, so they are entertaining for adults as well.

44 pieces are made in total. The smallest piece is 12mm×7mm. The size of assembled product is approximately 220mm(total length)×110mm(height)

Dinosaur cutting2.jpg

Processing layout approximately half of A4 size paper

Please contact us if you like to order your own CFRP T-Rex! (build to order production)

With prayers for those who lost their lives to the novel coronavirus, we sincerely hope we can come out of this pandemic stronger than ever before and continue to offer our technology to build a better and brighter future.

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