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TOKYO R&D Composite Industry Co.,Ltd. started out with research and development of practical technologies of carbon-fiber composite material in 1982 and began supplying to motorsports division of automobile makers. Since then we expanded in the fields of aerospace, robotics, environmental energy, medical sports equipment and recently broke new ground in the fields of designer furniture and artwork highlighting the esthetic surface of CFRP. We have been striving to make a contribution to society through manufacturing technology of diverse products.

At the beginning of our journey, we were faced with many challenges with unstable quality of the working material. We worked very hard with the material makers to improve and stabilize the quality of what we use. All that effort is now paid off and materials come ready in excellent quality and nowadays even automated lay-up and molding can be an option for some products.

With the implementation of a start-to-finish production system, which encompasses planning to design proposal, elaborate analysis, production, testing and evaluation as necessary, we are capable of offering services in prototype making and small-scale production and certainly mass-market products as well. By boldly yet rationally combining multiple materials we continue to innovate new technologies and products towards an ever-changing society where demands for diversified use of composite products are on the rise.

With innovative ideas backed with logical thinking and intuitions of skilled professionals, we as a team will endeavor to make all-out effort to produce Global Niche Top products. We sincerely thank you for your continuous support and understanding.

TOKYO R&D Composite Industry Co.,Ltd.

Kiyoto Takeda, Representative Director President


Company Profile

Trade name TOKYO R&D Composite Industry Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters location 2F Fukokuseimei building, 2-2-2 Uchisaiwai chou, Chiyoda ku
Tokyo, Japan
Funako Office 151 Funako, Atsugi shi, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan
Contact number Phone : 046-226-8101 / FAX : 046-226-8151
Establishment 30, September 2011, spun off from Tokyo R&D Co., Ltd.
Number of employees 63 (as of 1st April 2020)
Stock Wholly owned by Tokyo R&D Co., Ltd.
Main banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.
Board Members
  • Representative Director President:Kiyoto Takeda
  • Representative Director Vice President:Takeo Tsunoda
  • Director:Shingo Goto
  • Director:Hiroyuki Matsumoto
  • Director:Makoto Yamauchi
  • Executive Officer:Satsuki Kojima
  • Executive Officer:Kazuhiro Yoshioka
  • Executive Officer:Susumu Warigai


1982 Started applied research and development of advanced composite material such as CFRP
1985 Exhibited CFRP frame E-motorcycle "TRDEX-1" at Tokyo Motor Show.
1992 Developed F3000 research racing car "R&D921F".
1994 Developed CFRP integrally molded sea kayak " Kuroshio"
1995 Launched CFRP sea kayak "Sea fox" low price version of Kuroshio
2000 Released in-house developed sports car "VEMAC RD180".
2001 Announced small volume production sports car "VEMAC RD320".
2002 Announced GT300 racing car "VEMAC RD320R".
2003 Announced GT300 racing car "VEMAC RD350R".
2004 Announced GT500 racing car "VEMAC RD408R".
2005 Exhibited concept hybrid sports car "VEMAC RD408H".
2008 Started development of CFRP bicycle frame
Started development of CFRP 3-wheeler power assisted bicycle.
2011 Launched research on VaRTM molding with Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Joined JAXA D-SEND project
2012 Joined JASPA・Niigata・SKY Project
Began In-house brand CFRP Road bike frame development project
2013 Jointed JAXA HRV Project
2014 Started production of CFRP parts for commercial motorcycle, HONDA RCV213-S Contracted development of CFRP windmill (lift type vertical axis windmill) for wind-generated electricity
Contracted production of CFRP parts for assistive products
Contracted production of CFRP parts for medical equipment
Started trial manufacture CFRP parts for robots and a small-quantity production.
2015 Contracted production of 『nest shelf』 from nendo, a globally recognized Japanese design Office, for their exhibition at London Design Festival
2016 Prototype production of prosthetic leg for sports and recreations.
2018 ISO9001
Certified to ISO9001

Started mass production of car interior parts


TOKYO R&D COMPOSITE TOKYO R&D Composite Industry Co.,Ltd. Funako Office

Address: 151 Funako, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Zip 243 0034
Phone: 046-226-8101
FAX : 046-226-8151
Public Transport: 5min Taxi ride from Odakyu Odawara line Aikou Ishida Station
15 min bus ride and 10min walk from Odakyu Odawara Line Hon-Atsugi Station

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