Defying the boundaries

Production and R&D achievements

Began with parts supply to the world most prestigious motor sports field, the cutting-edge skills and technologies developed through our hands-on experience now bare excellent results and receive high acclaims in Aerospace business, various sports at the most competitive level(from top athletes), Medical technology, Welfare/Nursing Care, Wind power generation, Designer’s furniture etc.

Motor Sports

The motor sports field is the standing point of Tokyo R&D, our parent company, where the strength and lightness of CFRP products are widely used.

Sporting goods

The application of unparalleled strength and rigidity of CFRP in general public is steadily expanding.

Precision Machining

We offer precision machine processing of various materials including aluminum, CFRP, iron, titanium, resin (RAMPF, MC nylon, PEEK).

Aviation and Space

Our technology and expertise are making great contributions to many projects here in Japan and around the world.

Special hoses

We develop variety of engine parts and conduct tests. We are here to offer professional support with development and testing for our clients to meet their diverse needs.

CIDI molding

CIDI molding is CFRP molding technology patented by Tokyo R&D.

Equipment and Facilities

At Tokyo R & D composite industry, we have developed our own high-speed shock testing equipment for CFRP. Precise steel ball testing is carried out for sample materials and the quality is managed closely.

Environmental and Energy Field

Energy and Environmental issues demand efforts and commitments on a global scale. We are focused on using our technologies in solving these pressing issues.


We not only pay attention to the exceptional strength and lightweight properties of CFRP but also its beautiful esthetic. We are broadening our areas of activities in fields such as design furniture, housing equipment and art.


In order to make contributions in yet wider areas in our society we apply ourselves to exploring new possibilities in our day to day duties.

Client's experience

Kato Canoeing School

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